Community Engagement

Employment Practices

Our employment practices are a key part of our sustainability strategy, reflecting our belief that people should be at the heart of the development of companies, communities and societies. Thus, we commit to provide a healthy and safe working environment in line with international best-practices, and to nurture a culture of learning, sharing and collaboration within our organization.

Increasingly, we understand that we have a role to play in promoting greater awareness of the importance of investing in people in society. Thus, we actively work with our business and supply chain partners to develop sound employment practices in line with international standards and to enhance their business value through employee training and development.

As a group we also undertake a number of community and educational initiatives which reflect our belief that social development starts with people.

Community Outreach

Since our founding as a small trader in Southern China, we have understood that our success as a company relies on sharing the gains with the communities in which we operate. On the one hand, we create jobs to spur economic development in the over 40 countries in which we operate today. On the other hand, our outreach programs invest in social development, particularly in terms of education and the development of young people.

Our community programs are carried out both by the individual companies and teams within the Group as well as by our two dedicated charitable foundations: the Fung (1906) Foundation and the Victor and William Fung Foundation.

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We endeavor to operate responsibly with regard to the environment.  But today, more than ever, we recognize that climate change represents a serious risk for the global community.  We all play a part by minimizing our impacts on the environment.
We remain committed to environmental responsibility in operations, while continually seeking for new ways to upgrade the environmental sustainability of our operations. Some of our commitments are highlighted below:

  • We have committed to measure and manage our greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and waste throughout our supply chain, and to make targeted reductions across all of these areas.
  • We are committed to work with our business partners to seek out and implement innovative solutions which contribute to the global effort on climate change.
  • We endeavor to increasingly build and provide green offices and facilities for our employees, and to work towards achieving recognized industry standards in these areas, such as LEED Silver or Gold certification.
  • In keeping with our role as a responsible employer and corporate citizen, we have also introduced programs to raise and encourage greater environmental awareness amongst employees and the community at large.
  • We regularly report our progress on various environmental measures through the annual reports of our subsidiary companies and, at the group level, through various mean such as the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress Report >>

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