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Information Technology

We provide flexible IT solutions to our customers. We deliver visibility, velocity, and value. We leverage best-of-breed foundation applications that are integrated effectively and enhanced with additional modules and applications that enable us to create unique customer solutions quickly.

From planning and execution to visibility across the entire supply chain, we provide the tools to co-operatively manage our customer’s products. Whether business demands a warehousing solution employing RF, RFID, Put to Light and Voice Picking or a transportation management solution or freight forwarding solution, LF Logistics has the tools to deliver on all fronts while driving productivity and accuracy and providing customer with insights into their business.

All our systems are built over a scalable, high-availability infrastructure covering:

  • 40 Economies
  • 3 Global Data Centers
  • 1,000+ Servers
  • 22,000 PCs
  • 130+ Video Conference Sites
  • 14,000 IPT phones
  • 37,000 E-mail accounts

Our application portfolio is supported across the global by a mix of application experts, strong project managers, and a centralized development and support team covering Supply Chain Network Design (SCND), Transportation Management (TMS), Order Management (OMS), Oracle E1 (ERP), Milestone Tracking (OTS), Inventory Management (IMS), Freight Forwarding (FFS), Mobile Solutions, Portals & Informational Dashboards, and our core transactional system of Warehouse Management (WM). In a typical month, our WM handles:

  • 1 million orders processed
  • 6.8 million order Lines picked
  • 1.2 billion units shipped
  • 145,000 deliveries
  • 1+ million active SKUs

The following are enabled through our extensive system integration platform:

  • 20 million daily trigger events
  • 1+ million daily transactions
  • 2000+ active interfaces
  • 150,000 peak files daily

Warehouse Management -WMS

Transportation Management - TMS

Freight Forwarding - FFS


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