Beauty & Wellness

Leading beauty & wellness logistics provider in Asia

We implement a variety of technical solutions that cater to high volumetric and velocity operations for multiple beauty, skincare, haircare and wellness companies with incredible products, selling through retail, wholesale, and direct to consumer e-commerce platforms.

sq ft of warehouse space
Distribution Centers in 18 different jurisdictions

Solutions include

SKU-level pick and pack

Detailed, single-unit, pick and pack down to the size, style or color for store replenishment and DTC.

Omnichannel inventory

Whether brick, click or omni, we deliver to retail stores, hair and beauty salons or end-consumers.

Detailed batch control

Our WMS captures batch number, lot number, serial number, and manufacturing and expiration dates for every unit we handle.

GMP compliant facilities

Our facilities adhere to all relevant standards and are fully accredited to move and store beauty and healthcare products.

Mega DCs for large volume storage

Our mega DCs are strategically located and designed to suit large volumes of in and outbound traffic at high throughput.

Fully-traceable transport solutions

Enabled by industry-leading systems, our fully optimized solutions provide traceability from start to finish.

Our key differentiator

Robust mega DCs and transport network across Asia

Our mega DCs are storing between 40,000 to 150,000 pallets designed to suit large volumes of in and outbound traffic at high throughput. They are strategically located to connect with road and rail transport. Our delivery fleet includes self and third-party owned trucks, covering an extensive network of consolidation and deconsolidation depots and hubs across Asia.

Omnichannel inventory expertise

Whether bricks, clicks or both, we meet your requirements according to product type and order volumes. Whether discrete order picking, cluster picking or batch pick and sort, we’ve got it covered.

Regional and global hubbing

We have major regional hubs and consolidation centers across Asia to allow for quick replenishment and movement of goods across markets in response to evolving consumer demand. We can also support customers who handle large volumes and require daily delivery programs.

Delivery excellence during high volume sales peaks

We have the proven ability to handle high volumes to keep up with fashion seasons and major eCommerce shopping festivals such as Singles Day, Black Friday or local marketplace driven sales festivals.