The largest FMCG logistics provider in and around Asia

We fulfill orders for the most recognizable everyday brands. With decades-long partnerships, and an intimate understanding of all local markets across Asia, we leverage the scale of our FMCG business to deliver tailored, yet competitive solutions.

colleagues undergoing LEAN Sigma training with 14 already certified, 1 Master Black Belt, 10 Black Belt and 3 Green Belt.
Distribution Centers in 18 different jurisdictions

Solutions include

Omnichannel logistics expertise

Customized end-to-end services across all channels for wholesalers, distributors, major retailers, local stores and online.

Mega DCs for large volume storage

Our mega DCs are strategically located and designed to suit large volumes of in and outbound traffic at high throughput.

Extensive transport network

Our delivery solutions cover even the most far-reaching areas and include cross border transportation to support e-commerce.

Value added customization

Services include digital printing and cutting, labelling, product bundling, re-packaging and quality inspection.

Strict adherence to all standards

Our facilities adhere to all GMP / GWP standards and are fully accredited to move and store FMCGs.

Fully-traceable transport solutions

Enabled by industry-leading systems, our fully optimized solutions provide traceability from start to finish.

Our key differentiator

Robust mega DCs and transport network across Asia

Our mega DCs storing between 40,000 to 150,000 pallets are designed to suit large volumes of in and outbound traffic at high throughput. They are strategically located to connect with road and rail transport. Our delivery fleet includes self and third-party owned trucks, covering an extensive network of consolidation and deconsolidation depots and hubs across Asia.

Best-in-class IT systems with a single version across markets

Our IT systems meet the most exacting inventory control and reporting needs and can work with other industry systems used by clients and vendors alike. Regular rollouts of a refreshed, but single version IT system, assures a reliable and adaptable service.

Real-time end-to-end visibility and management

Through our Control Tower solutions, we give visibility to all activities across your supply chain, and not just those directly performed by LF Logistics. Reports are generated in real-time and analyzed with the aim of continuously optimizing operations.

Operations-centric culture

We put your operations at the forefront and commit to a hassle-free experience, from start-up and throughout our partnership. With training programs on LEAN Sigma, we have 1 Master Black Belt, 10 Black Belt and 3 Green Belt certified practitioners ensuring operations excellence.