Meet Ng Swee Shoon

The past 4 years in Li & Fung have been a rather insightful experience for me. When I first joined the Group as a Management Trainee, I had no idea what to expect. Gradual exposure to the pharmaceutical and medical distribution, in-country logistics and international shipping processes allowed me to better appreciate the value and potential of each business unit in the supply chain.

After graduating from the program, I was granted the opportunity to operate an in-country logistics warehouse for a wines and spirits distributor, overseeing the day-to-day operations, supervising a team of warehouse operators and interacting directly with the customer. Through this experience, I picked up practical management and problem solving skills. Prior to taking on my current role in Distribution Center projects, I was involved in solutions design for a year, assisting in RFP tenders, and effectively picking up commercial, design and optimization skills.

I believe that a meaningful career in LF Logistics is best achieved by always having an inquisitive mind and learning to ask “why not” instead of “why.”

Our People

We provide a variety of career development opportunities for our people, ranging from external educational programs to on-the-job training and overseas development.

We ensure that our people have ample opportunity to reach their fullest potential and help drive business growth. That’s why we consciously try to balance the business needs of the group with the career goals of our people.

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