Meet Janya Rungruang

I started my career with LF Logistics Thailand in 2001 as an Inventory Controller for Carrefour’s operations, dealing with more than 3,500 SKUs. I managed to get the perfect result of 100% inventory accuracy by initiating some control points and improvements. Over this period of time, my responsibilities grew and I was promoted a number of times.

The company grew substantially in 2009. I was assigned to implement DSG’s finished goods operations, followed by Minor Operations in 2010. That same year, LF Logistics acquired the new business of DSG’s raw materials supplied to plants. I was given an opportunity to help develop processes and improve inventory accuracy for operations, as well as operating 12 overflow warehouses for DSG’s finished goods.

After the floods in 2012, I consolidated 12 overflow warehouses into a single distribution center of about 28,000 sq.m. and looked after the entirety of DSG operations, including both finished goods and raw materials. In 2013, DSG’s DC and operations became LF Logistics’ biggest account.

Along with the milestones of successes and accomplishments, I have had the full support of my team and my managers, who put all their heart into the work they do. I will always cherish the opportunities given to me, the lessons learned and successes earned.


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We ensure that our people have ample opportunity to reach their fullest potential and help drive business growth. That’s why we consciously try to balance the business needs of the group with the career goals of our people.

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