Meet Janya T

Looking back on my career with LF Logistics, I can say that my 7 and a half years with this company have been a truly wonderful experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment from the very beginning – when I was learning from the organization – to now, when I am sharing this knowledge and expertise with others.  

Since I started as General Manager of Operations, my role encompassed managing all the Bangpa-in facilities. It was indeed a challenging job, as I saw a lot of opportunities for improvement and worked on implementing these changes during my first year.   

Achieving 3 promotions every other year has been one of my most significant career milestones. Shortly after I was appointed General Manager of LF Logistics in Thailand, I was promoted to Managing Director. Today, I can attribute my current position as Executive Vice President, Head of Thailand to the kindness and support of our senior management team.  

I’ve learned so much during my time with this company. Implementing a new DC for Diageo, night deliveries to Starbucks’ stores, servicing customers during political protest, the 2011 flood crisis and opening several DCs in strategic locations around Bangkok are just a few examples. I couldn’t have overcome these challenges overcome without the support and hard work of my colleagues. I’m very proud of our Thailand team – they are the epitome of strength and spirit.

Our People

We provide a variety of career development opportunities for our people, ranging from external educational programs to on-the-job training and overseas development.

We ensure that our people have ample opportunity to reach their fullest potential and help drive business growth. That’s why we consciously try to balance the business needs of the group with the career goals of our people.

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