Meet Dianne Anne Galinato

I always say that I grew up in the warehouse. Right after college, I joined LF Logistics as a Management Trainee. From the comforts of university life, I went straight to the battlegrounds of logistics to learn the tiniest of details about our operations. Knowing these details allowed me to develop a good understanding of the business and appreciate the people I work with everyday.

A few years later, I moved on to manage my own account, lead start-up projects, join the business development team and participate in regional projects. These experiences, the trust and great mentorship that has been provided to me, and being a Program for Management Development (PMD) graduate have given me 6 years of career, character, and network building. It has been nothing but amazing growing within a company that believes that its people are its greatest asset.

Our People

We provide a variety of career development opportunities for our people, ranging from external educational programs to on-the-job training and overseas development.

We ensure that our people have ample opportunity to reach their fullest potential and help drive business growth. That’s why we consciously try to balance the business needs of the group with the career goals of our people.

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