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LF Logistics provides Distribution Center (DC) Management services to nearly 400 brands worldwide ensuring that their products are stored and handled with the care they deserve. Close collaboration with brand owners allows us to tailor our warehousing solutions and deliver quality services at competitive prices, giving brand owners peace of mind.

Today, we operate more than 150 DCs around the world. That is more than 26 million square feet of warehouse space in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, United Kingdom and USA.

Each warehouse is customized to efficiently serve a product vertical or, in some cases, a specific client. Whether it be for FMCG products, Footwear & Apparel, Food & Beverages, or in support of Retail Logistics activities, the design requirements for storage and handling will vary according to business needs.

The movement of both goods and people is also simulated using system optimization tools to determine the best warehouse layout. This is supported by the most appropriate material handling equipment to ensure optimum performance.



Cross-Docking & Flow Through

Bonded Warehousing

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