Distribution Center Management

Over 400 brands worldwide trust us to store and handle their products with care. Close collaboration with brand owners allows us to tailor our warehousing solutions to the individual customer and product and deliver quality services at competitive prices.

Distribution Centers with over 30 million sq ft of warehouse space

Core Operations

Flexible storage by design

Our logistics facilities are configured to your requirements including temperature control and solutions for bonded products, dangerous goods or high-value merchandise. Each warehouse is customized to efficiently store and move your products, whether FMCG, footwear & apparel, F&B, beauty products, electronics or healthcare.

Bonded storage solutions

Our bonded logistics facilities allow you to store goods until customs duty is paid or the goods are cleared for export. All of our bonded warehouses are licensed by the local authorities and operated to the highest standard. We make sure that both our processes and Warehouse Management System (WMS) meet the strict customs regulations for bonded warehousing operations.

Reverse logistics for recalls and returns

Reverse logistics is a crucial part of your supply chain that can drain profitability if not well-managed. Our WMS facilitates reverse logistics and manages product recalls, rejections or returns. We capture and track the batch, lot and serial number for every unit, enabling us to recall products, verify rejections or validate returns.

Cross-docking to enhance efficiency

We can immediately consolidate and dispatch to any designated destination without physically storing your products in our distribution centers. Cross-docking helps achieve greater control over inventory levels, accelerate the flow of goods, shorten lead times and reduce your storage and handling costs.