Value-Added Services

You name it and we can do it. From co-packing, repacking, rework, or kitting to labeling, relabeling, tagging, retagging, postponement and quality control, all our services are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and our warehouses have their own VAS area, eliminating the cost of transporting products to another site for VAS activities.

Distribution Centers with over 30 million sq ft of warehouse space

Core Operations

Postponement strategies for different market requirements

Postponement allows goods to be uniquely labeled and tagged only once the market has been identified. This allows our customers to produce high volumes for markets with different labeling requirements, thus reducing inventory and reducing a products’ chances of becoming obsolete.

Labeling and Relabeling, Tagging, or Retagging

We take away the headache of labeling or tagging products by providing this service in-house in our distribution centers. Inkjet printing is available for products that require specific information, such as expiry dates. And of course, all our services are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.

Co-Packing, Repacking, Rework and Kitting

Our team is ready to deliver top quality specialist packaging whether it’s for seasonal gift baskets or sales and marketing promotions. We conduct co-packing activities in substantial volumes every day, which translates directly into lower costs per unit.